A New Hope

I see a pattern emerging in my life.  Every 18 months or so I become inspired to become a blogger.  In previous years I have had blogs that had a very short tenure.  I became “busy” or didn’t think I had anything of worth of which to blog.  Then, after paroussing other people’s blogs I noticed something, one out of every five blogs on a person’s blog is actually about something.  The rest of the posts consist of humorous YouTube videos or a quib about how the Cowboys choked in the playoffs again.  With this discovery I’ve decided to, once again, rejuvinate my blogging. 

My last blog was called Thoughts from the Futon, but since I no longer own a futon I don’t think it’s proper for me to continue with that blog.  So you may be asking yourself about the meaning behind the current title.  On the verge basically describes my state of being right now, and hopefully for years to come.  On the verge meaning I am almost there, but not quite.  Some things that I am on the verge of will soon be complete (i.e. I am on the verge of being married).  I have also just begun my job of being a youth director, although I much rather prefer the title CEO of Youth development (it sounds better on resumes). 

 It is my hope that this blog does not drift off into obscurity and that I find it somewhere in my being to develop some food for thought along the way.  Hopefully my American attention span doesn’t come into play, or all will be lost again. 

For now here is a short interview from Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report with Steven Colbert interviewing Rick Warren.

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2 thoughts on “A New Hope

  1. johnnybrower says:

    welcome to wordpress.
    it’s great! and free.
    looking forward to insight posts.

  2. kyle zamzow says:

    i saw your new website on my facebook feed and i suddenly remembered i hadn’t updated my blog in a long time either.

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