Mini-mavs Rant

Jason KiddHas anyone else heard the news?  I’m not too sure what to think of this deal.

First let’s look at the deal straight-up team to team

Dallas gets: PG Jason Kidd, and PF Malik Allen

New Jersey gets: PG Devin Harris, G/F Jerry Stackhouse, C DeSagana Diop, G/F Deavon George, G Maurice Ager, $3 million in cash, 2008 1st round pick, 2010 first round pick

So I know that Jason Kidd is a good point guard, maybe the best pure point guard in the league, but doesn’t it seem like we’re giving up an awful lot to get this guy.  Not to mention that he’s 35 (an age which almost matches his shooting percentage this year of 36.6%).  The main reason we are sending so many players is that we have to match salaries in order for the trade to be processed.  In the ESPN article there is mention to the Nets buying out Stackhouse’s contract, which would allow for him to resign with the Mavs after a 30 day period.  Oh awesome, so we still get to keep the other old guy of the bunch.  We sure are paying a lot here for some leadership.  I mean, all of those players and two first round draft picks?  That’s dumb.

the 3 JsI’ve never been one to criticize Dirk, but if he can’t seem to muster up enough leadership bravado to propel this team then maybe (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) just maybe we should have packaged a deal to send him somewhere and gotten a load of talent for him.  Granted, deep down, I’m glad we still have Dirk because I love the guy; but this is a tough pill for me to swallow.  Especially for an old man like J-Kidd.  Maybe we should bring back Jim Jackson and Jamal Mashburn and reunite the 3 Js.  It would be a glorious flashback to when times were good.  When the Mavs met the expectations of the fans and never made it to the playoffs.

I’ve just recently been coming around as a strong Devin Harris fan.  He’s shown improvement this season and even in some games has helped propel this team to a win.  He has the speed needed to guard the quick guards that the Mavs are set to face in the Western Conference playoffs (Tony Parker, Chris Paul, Steve Nash).  Where Kidd is less than quick.  he does offer a bigger body which would help to defend against Baron Davis (we all remember how that went last summer), but the Warriors haven’t seemed to trouble the Mavs this year.  We’ve proved we can beat them, which is something we didn’t do last year (2-7 including the playoffs).  Plus, this trade thins out our already paltry center position leaving us with the all powerful Erica Dampier at center being backed up by…oh that’s right, nobody. 

Why weren’t the Mavs out there pushing to get Pau Gasol?  The Lakers basically sent a handful of spares to Memphis to get Pau Gasol.  I’m sure we could have packaged something together to get a talent like that.  I mean, come on…Kwame Brown and an unproven rookie plus two first round draft picks for Pau Gasol?  I know he isn’t a super-superstar, but he’s pretty freaking solid.  We just never heard about it because he played in Memphis. 

All I know is that this had better translate into a title in the next year or two because after that J-Kidd will be 37 and not good anymore.  So let’s everybody raise our glasses to desperation attempts by the Mavs suits in hopes of not blowing it in the playoffs…again. 

God, I hope this works.

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