Always got to be blockin’

Well the word came down late yesterday that Devean George has exercised his no-trade clause; thus, blocking the deal between the Mavs and the Nets. 

While I’m happy that we aren’t losing Devin Harris (not yet at least) I think it’s funny that George had the ability to block the deal.  Since when does he garner a no-trade clause?  A career scrub out of the college basketball powerhouse Augsburg has a no-trade clause?  Is it because he was on the Kobe/Shaq championship teams and that made him good by osmosis?  No, I think it’s because he was lucky and caught Mark Cuban in his I love to spend my money days.  Granted, he still likes to spend his money, just not as carefree as he was before, like giving Erica Dampier a contract that pays him over $10 million a year. 

Oh well, I guess I can be happy that we aren’t giving up Devin Harris and two first round draft picks for an aging point guard having one of the worst seasons of his career.  I’ll just sit back and feel content until we blow it in the playoffs again.  I think if I start to prepare myself for it now it won’t be nearly as devistating when it actually happens.

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2 thoughts on “Always got to be blockin’

  1. johnnybrower says:

    i was a little upset when i heard the news of the trade, but now, i’m a little upset that it didn’t go through. i started to get myself hyped up on the jkidd show.

  2. dxbrower says:

    Yeah, I was kinda the same way…not happy about it, but then when this came down I wasn’t happy about this either.

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