On again, off again

Well it looks again like the Mavs are set to aquire Jason Kidd from the New Jersey Nets.  After this whole thing has taken so many detours in coming to completion I find it a relief now that it is, hopefully, going to go through.  At the beginning I was totally against the trade.  I thought (and still do) that we were giving up too much for an aging point guard.  After the Devean George and Jerry Stackhouse events took place though I think something had to be done.  I would find it hard if I were Devin Harris to have confidence in a coaching staff try and tell me that I was their point guard of the future when they just unsuccessfully tried to trade me…multiple times.

While I am sad and will mourn the loss of a player who, I believe, had a huge impact on this team there are some silver linings in the dark clouds of being a Mavs fan in this position. 

1.) Kidd will provide the team with a true point guard capable of running an effective offense, but our offense is highly isolation using Dirk and Josh Howard at the top of the key create their own shots.

2.) Kidd will be surrounded by offensive talent and will not have as much focus put on the glaring weakness in his game (shooting the ball) but this puts added pressure on Dirk, Josh Howard, and Jason Terry to be consistent offensive threats.

3.) He can defend against some of the bigger guards in the Western Conference that seemed to give Harris fits before (i.e. Baron Davis)

The only thing that worries me about #3 is what I stated before: what about the speedy guards like Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Steve Nash, and Deron Williams?

After reading and researching around I found some interesting Devin Harris statistics.  Last year harris was 2nd in the league in offensive fouls drawn (usually a big momentum play).  This year with Harris in the line-up the Mavs have a win percentage of 71%; without Harris the winning percentage drops down to 50%.  He gets to the foul line almost twice as much as J-Kidd and he has a better shot.  I really really hope that Kidd’s locker room presence is enough to make up for the stuff that we won’t have on the court.

The more and more I think about it, the more and more I will miss what Devin Harris brought to the team.  I just hope that with the Mavs going all-in on this trade that something positive will come of it.  My guess is that San Antonio will call our bluff and we’ll have to show our hand and that it only contains a 3 and a Joke(r).

I’m still optimistic, but that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.

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