Throwin it Down!

I was so subtly reminded today that we as humans throw pity parties for ourselves all to often.  When a daunting task arises we are, at times, quick to jump to the “but I can’t do that because….” way of thinking.  Maybe you don’t feel qualified for the job, or maybe it’s because you’re(I’m) lazy. 

Personally, I’ve had some of these laments for the past week or so concerning my production at work.  Now, in my job it’s kinda hard to gauge production.  There are no quarterly numbers to crunch and analyze that will produce a definitive “You’re awesome” or “You really kinda suck”  No, instead all I have to work with is the self evaluation of, “Am I doing the best and most efficient job that I can do in my ministry?” 

It’s at times like these when I know that there is work and preparation to be done that it is easy for me to slip into the “whoa is me” mentality.  I was reminded today (by my brain and God) of the words of a sermon that Gary (the pastor of the church where I work) gave a couple of months ago.  The sermon was about Moses.  How when God called Moses to lead His people out of Egypt Moses basically said, “I’m not the guy for the job.  I’m no good God.  Pick someone else, I’ll just screw it up.”  The more and more Moses said the more and more God would say, “Wasn’t it me, God, who asked you to do this?  Don’t you think I know what I’m doing?”  Part of the way into Moses’ whining God does something that I love.  God tells Moses to take his staff – the one thing that Moses, a shepherd, has for protection and security – and throw it on the ground.  Stand tall Moses, you don’t need these things that you hold so close to yourself for your protection and security.  “Throw it down!”  When he does this the staff turns into a snake.  Then God tells him to pick it up.  At this point I would be thinking, “HA!  Right, I’ll get right on that.”  Moses picks up the snake and it turns back into his staff.  Then God tells him that he is going to use that staff to perform miracles.

Ah, what a good story.  Often times when I feel like I’m making excuses and holding too tightly to my securities (or insecurities) I am reminded that God tells me to throw them down and see that, compared to God, these things are nothing but snakes; but, with God’s power we can take hold of these things and God can use them to do amazing things. 

Thank you God for using what you have given us and knowing that that is all You need to perform great things through us.

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One thought on “Throwin it Down!

  1. sheyduck says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Dave. Someone I was talking with yesterday reminded me of that pattern I, for one, seem to live in:
    1. I know I should do something I don’t feel comfortable doing.
    2. God steps in and empowers me to do anything God wants me to do.
    3. I get comfortable doing that.
    4. God invites me to stretch some more; do something else I’m not comfortable with.
    5. Repeat the cycle.

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