Dirty Love

This past Friday was a good day.   My friend, Matt Skains, and I took the day to simply enjoy the day.  It was a beautiful day outside and we found ourselves inside watching the television early in the day.  We were watching the Food Network because I love food…alot.  As we were sitting there our stomachs began to call out simultaneously.  We were in desperate need of some sustinance.

I had heard good things of this little burger joint in the Stockyards and thought that it was time for me to venture that way.  What was soon to changed my perspective and raised the bar for future burgers that come into contact with my taste buds. 

Love Shack is a walk-up burger joint owned by Fort Worth celebrity chef Tim Love.  Their burgers are made from a 50/50 blend of prime tenderloin and prime rib beef.  Cue salivation.  Being the daring men that we are Matt and I both ordered a Dirty Love Burger (see picture) and an order of onion rings. 

Is that an egg, you ask?  Yes.  A quail egg to be exact.  The Dirty Love Burger (shown here in it’s Double Dirty Love Burger form) is beef, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, a fried quail egg, and Love Sauce.  I was slightly disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to decipher the exact flavor concoction that made up the Love Sauce but there were many familiar flavors in it and a break from the typical “secret sauce” that is usually either mayo and ketchup mixed together or thousand island salad dressing.

We enjoyed the burger’s with a side of hand cut onion rings which were also very good.  I’m not typically an onion ring fan but I would definitely revisit these.  What appealed to me about them was that they weren’t over breaded like you typically see with onion rings.  They were shoestring style and had a nice dusting of seasoning on them. 

Seating is entirely open air and almost constructed to resemble a tree house.  There are multiple levels, which allow you to get a small view of the Stockyards.  While we were there two guys were on stage playing some Texas country music, which I’m not always a fan of but really seemed to fit the atmosphere.  Plus, this guy looked like Chris Farley’s Bocephus character on Saturday Night Live. 

All in all this was a food-venture that turned out to be a positive.  My one and only complaint is that it is a cash only place.  Luckily, I knew this ahead of time and stopped to pick up some cash. 

Taste: A

Price: B+

Atmosphere: A+

Variety: D (but who cares I wanted a burger)

So, if you are in need of a good burger ever call me up and we will most definitely venture out to the Fort Worth Stockyards and jump into a Dirty Love Burger.


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One thought on “Dirty Love

  1. The Judge says:

    I have walked by that place, but never eaten there. What does a quail egg taste like?

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