I’m caving

So I have had a number of friends produce listsof things they wish to do in life.  I’ve always had a list of things I want to accomplish/experience in life floating in my head.  It seams like a good idea to put it in writing, or typing, or web-coding, or whatever you want to call this.  The list will be updated and added to and if this blog is still up and running by the time the list is completed that will be incredible.  Anywho, without further ado…

1.) Get married

2.) Have a son

3.) Have a daughter

4.) Coach a sports team that my child is a part of

5.) Get my son out of school one day to attend Opening Day at the Ballpark

6.) Get a Master’s Degree

7.) Budget my finances and stick to the budget

8.) Drink a beer in Germany

9.) Drink a glass of Spanish wine in Spain

10.) Go to a soccer match in England

11.) Eat a lot of food in Italy

12.) Visit Fenway Park

13.) Visit at least 5 quality breweries

14.) Brew my own quality beer (because nobody like crappy beer)

15.) Take a number (that is more than one) cooking class

16.) Be one of the people on cooking shows who get to eat the food

17.) Eat at one of Bobby Flay’s Restaurants

18.) Prepare and Eat a Kobe beef Steak

19.) Be a part of an “…of the month club” (preferably beer or steak)

20.) Go on a Biblical History tour of Israel and surrounding Mediterranean area

21.) Release a studio produced music album

more to come.


6 thoughts on “I’m caving

  1. johnnybrower says:

    48% of your goals involve food and/or beer.
    interesting statistic.

  2. Kyle Z says:

    but that makes his list that much more admirable.

  3. dxbrower says:

    This could be because I like food…a lot.

    That or I was hungry when I made the list.

  4. The Judge says:

    I want to help with some of the things on your list. Not the son or daughter part, but I would love to eat some of that kobe beef.

  5. mel says:

    I like a list that likes food and alcohol too! My list has the cooking classes on it too, we should look into that!

    And you better hope that your daughter from number 3 doesn’t like baseball or she’s gonna hate you after number 5. Haha!

  6. dxbrower says:

    haha, yeah. I’m hoping to not be the insane coach father. I would like to think I’m cool headed enough when it comes to that, but you never know. I could be the raging lunatic dad who yells at the umpire for every single thing.

    Either way, bring your popcorn!

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