Mid-week Video*

So this is going to be my one reoccuring post topic.  Every Wednesday I will offer, for your viewing pleasure, a video.  Most of them will be humorous in content; some will be shocking; all will be awesome. 

Without further ado:

Just in case you were unaware, Charles Barkley is an idiot.


*I’m in need of a title with more zing and zazzle.  Leave your ideas in the comments and you win.

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3 thoughts on “Mid-week Video*

  1. Dad Brower says:

    Jamaica is under Cuba?????

    War Eagle!

  2. johnnybrower says:

    here’s the sad thing…
    i would have done better, but not much better.

  3. Kyle Z says:

    How is he only 5 / 23 after five rounds of that? This goes to show that you don’t have to be smart to be a professional athlete, especially in the NBA with their straight-out-of-high-school draft.

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