And out of the depths of bloglessness, he arises.

So, this is what blogging feels like.  It’s been so long that I have almost forgotten.  I could come up with a laundry list of excuses as to why I’ve been MIA for the past couple of months; but, I’ve done that before.

The summer has officially passed for me.  The youth that I so love have started back to school and my fiancee, whom I so dearly love, has also started back to school.  Summer was busy needless to say.  What with two mission trips, two weeks of volunteering at Glen Lake Camp, a full youth week, mixed in with a couple of visits from the family, all the while attempting to maintain constant contact with youth who travel all thoughout the summer this Monday was a much needed sigh of relief and release.

Things I Loved about Summer:

1. Mission Trips – I always loved Mission Trips when I was a student.  Last year was my first experience as an adult on the trips and it was also amazing.  This was my first experience as a leadership adult on one of the trips and I loved it even more.  I think it’s a control thing that all youth directors seem to have that we always have a desire to be in charge, at least in some aspect.  We tend to feel the need to always have our say as to “this is how we do it at my church.”  But, causes me to smile when at the end of a long day of Missioning that people are happy, tired, and ready to do it all over again the next day and knowing that I didn’t get in the way of that happening.

2. Spending time with Lindsey (m’lady) – As the summer months passed by the clock continued to tick down closer to the big day.  I’m overly excited about the Wedding (that’s a good thing right?).  Again, I think it’s the youth director in me that loves the planning aspect of events – especially this one.

3. Two weeks at camp – Love this place.  If you’ve never gone to volunteer you should.  It’s a well documented, life changing experience to take a week off of work and live in a cabin with 15-18 Jr. High or High School students for 5 days.  Sound crazy?  Yeah, it gets pretty crazy.  Crazy awesome.

4. Playing a show with Shane and Shane – This happened just last Sunday at I was floored by it.  I think it was our best performance as a band in a long long time.  Shane and Shane are awesome not only musically but as guys too.  They ac

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