The Nerdiest Thing About Me

I woke up early this morning.  It’s my day off.  I still woke up early.  I couldn’t help it.  I’m just so excited.  Today is the day.  The day!  Well not THE day, but a day that I’ve looked forward to for a long time.  It’s Fantasy Football Draft Day!

Please, try to contain your laughter. 

I’ve been a fantasy football nut since my high school days.  Each year my level of involvement grew.  It began with a random league with people I didn’t know.  Then it grew to a live online draft.  Then it grew to a live online draft with people I knew.  Then it grew to multiple leagues.  Now, I believe I have reached my fantasy football summit, the in-house fantasy draft.

You heard me right.  Tonight there will be 11 other fantasy football crazies in my house gathered around my living room pouring over player charts, making crucial predictions on who will be the better wide receiver Ben Obomanu or Roydell Williams.

I’m so looking forward to tonight.

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3 thoughts on “The Nerdiest Thing About Me

  1. johnnybrower says:

    I’ve been “fantasizing” all morning! I can’t wait.

    (i’m such a homer)

  2. Kyle Z says:

    During my down time at work this week, I was doing some pretty nerdy things in preparation of the draft as well. Since I can’t recite football names like everyone else, I compiled a list of the average rank by position of players from six different sports sites. Very nerdy.

    I’m jealous of your day off.

  3. lindsey says:

    i hope you get this excited the day of our wedding.

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