It’s things like this…

…that make me wonder what’s the point.

My good friend and former roommate Kyle had this picture in a recent blog post. 

Comin' atcha Pharisees!

Comin atcha Pharisees!!

The picture cracks me up.  It’s hilarious; everyone can agree on that.  The thing that gets me though is the text at the top of the picture. 

We know that the dinosaurs survived the flood (on Noah’s Ark).  We don’t know if Jesus ever rode them.  He probably did!


I recently watched a documentary entitled Friends of God:A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi.  Here’s the Netflix “At a Glance” preview:

Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi takes a remarkable journey across the heartland to uncover the religious, cultural and political beliefs of evangelical Christians, including Jerry Falwell, Ted Haggard and best-selling author Joel Osteen. Interviewing both leaders and rank-and-file believers and attending events such as a Christian wrestling match, Pelosi reveals a vibrant subculture whose convictions may surprise and possibly bewilder you.

One of the parts of the documentary that really kind made me sick to my stomach featured a conference for children about Creationism over Evolution.  Now, I’m not here to judge one way or the other what your beliefs may be.  It wasn’t even the argument that made me laugh/cry.  It was the basis the people were using for the argument.  Take a look:

What does the existence/extinction of the dinosaurs have to do with the message of Jesus?  Does it matter one way or the other when they died out?  Does it matter at all?  It’s things like this that get to me.

Either way, I guess Jesus was the original DinoRider.

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4 thoughts on “It’s things like this…

  1. johnnybrower says:

    don’t know what a DinoRider is? <– check it.

  2. sheyduck says:

    What if my Grandfather DID look like that?!

    Can you look in the Bible and find the word “dipwad”?

  3. dxbrower says:

    Yeah, I think it’s somewhere is Obadiah.

  4. Rick says:

    Hey I had that picture a while back – indeed – funny/lame.

    I have done alot of research on dinosours and it is pretty intresting and cool to see how much they line up in scripture.

    I actually go to go on a tour of this place ( a few weeks back – it’s amazing how much research they have spent on looking into this very subject! AMAZING.

    I can say for sure Jesus did not ride a dinosour, but the current research (with all the new dna tools we have now) is really simply amazing.

    God is so good to leave us so many “clues”, so to speak, of the truth of The Bible. I love it!

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