Your thoughts?

I came across this doozie of an article today. 

According to the post good things can only be done by people who are “saved” or “born again”.  The term born again is a literal term.  We are literally rebirthed.  People should stop focusing on fixing “Global Crises”.  The Emergent Church is a cult.  Contemplative/Centering Prayer grew out of the antibiblical roots of monastic Roman Catholocism.

Hmm…what are your thoughts.  I’m really interested to hear them.

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5 thoughts on “Your thoughts?

  1. Ken Silva says:

    “good things can only be done by people who are ‘saved’ or ‘born again’.” Nope, I didn’t say that.

    What I said was according to Romans 8 no one is “good” enough to please God without being born again. Hint: I’m quoting God Himself on the subject; a pretty good Source.

    “People should stop [solely] focusing on fixing ‘Global Crises’.” Fixed it.

    Hmm, the rest looks dead on target, if, you read the Bible that is.

  2. johnnybrower says:

    No, I think the problem is that i don’t “just” read the Bible, I take it in its context and discern what it means for me today. Maybe that’s what you’re doing too, but you’ll have to excuse the fact that we don’t see anywhere close to eye-to-eye on the subject.

    It comes across as ignorance.

  3. Ken Silva says:

    “It comes across as ignorance.”

    Well, JB I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree as to which one of us is in ignorance. 😉

  4. sheyduck says:

    Hmmm… Show me where the term “born-again” occurs in Romans 8? Romans 8 talks about good happening for all “who love God and are called according to His purpose.”

    Paul doesn’t use Jesus’ term “born again” from John’s gospel here.

  5. dxbrower says:

    Not to mention you aren’t “quoting God”. You’re quoting a translation of a translation of a guy who is doing his best to translate into words what it is that God is putting on his heart to tell a group of people in Rome. But it’s all up to your interpretation.

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