Turkey Time!

Smell that?  It smells like leftovers galore!  Turkey Day is right around the corner and I’m especially excited about this year’s annual feast for a couple of reasons.

1) It’s the first Thanksgiving Lindsey and I will have as a married couple.

2) Being recently married means that we have a hoard of new kitchen appliances at our disposal to use for this special occasion.

3) The brother is traveling up from Mansfield to share in the festivities.

4) The Saturday after Thanksgiving is the 2nd annual Turkey Bowl.

I’m trying to step my turkey game up this year.  I’ll probably attempt to brine the bird.  I’ve read and watched up on how to properly carve the bird, and how to truss the bird.  I’m making a homemade stuffing and a butternut squash soup. 

If you’re new to the blog or don’t know me very well then I should tell you that my favorite hobby is cooking for people.  This is the perfect holiday for me.  That being said, if anyone is in the DFW area and is looking for some food on turkey day you are more than welcome.  I’ll be sure to post some pictures.

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4 thoughts on “Turkey Time!

  1. Jimbob says:

    Butternut squash soup? Interesting. Sounds good. How do you make it?

  2. dxbrower says:

    Roast some squash; cook down some celery, onions, and carrot with olive oil; add the squash and some chicken stock; blend it together; add some cream; consume; enjoy.

  3. Rick says:

    Dude when you going to cook for me! (one of my favorite things to do is eat food that people cook – so we’re a perfect match!)

  4. Jimbob says:

    that sounds amazing haha

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