Late Night Pleasure


One of my favorite hobbies would definitely be cooking. I love the process and preparation required to put a meal together than balances flavors and textures. I can be somewhat of a food snob (as my wife likes to point out), but I can’t really help it. Once I was bitten by the epicurean bug there was no turning back.

Tonight I’m partaking in one of my favorite cooking methods-smoking. I’ve fired up the smoker and put 30lbs of beef on it to feed a group of 120 people tomorrow. There’s something about the long process of this preparation that speaks deeply to me. Tending the fire. Anticipating the outcome. The smoke covered clothes. Waiting anxiously for the tough cut of meat to yield to the heat and become tender. I love it. Every second.

Arborlawn UMC, where I serve, holds a series of Lenten concerts and lunches leading up to Easter. They feature various musicians and music types that highlight the preparation of Lent that looks toward Easter. What better reason to fire up the smoker?!? (really any reason is a good reason…I’m not picky).

So, I will dutifully tend the flame and guard the meat through the night to feed the hungry masses tomorrow. It’s a labor of love. And I love every bit.

So, if you are in or around Fort Worth tomorrow I encourage you to come by at 11:00 am for some music and grub. Take it as a mid-week pause and breath (and bite).

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