I Want to Fail


I want to fail.

Not a very common phrase, especially in our culture.  We thrive on and worship success.  In doing so we often ignore one of the best avenues to attain success–failure.

Now, when I say, “I want to fail,” I am not talking about colossal fails  (i.e. life or death, marriage ending, childhood ruining), but minor to moderate failures.

Willingness to fail means that we are willing to risk and chance.  It also shows an awareness that our worth and value is not based on our accomplishments or prior successes.  I have played it safe most of my life.  I applied to one college out of high school (and got in) mainly because they sent me a special application that was as much of a guarantee that you could get.  I didn’t expend much energy pushing myself beyond what was certain or comfortable.  This approach worked for a while, but I have come to the realization that this approach doesn’t move you forward very far.  It relies on baby steps and certainty (the later of which is somewhat laughable).

Stepping out in faith (trusting in things unseen) requires us to be open to the possibility of failure.  Learning to discern God’s voice takes practice and failure is a vital part of practice and learning.  In life, in love, in ministry we are called to step beyond what we know and enter into a world that is better.  In finding our way into this world we will take wrong steps, but the beauty is that we aren’t defined by our wrong steps, but rather our failures provide a springboard for a greater success.

So, may you fail and fail forward.  Be willing to step out in faith and realize that God is calling you to bigger, greater, and more.

Where is your fear of failure holding you back from the potential God has blessed you with?


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