Drip, drip, drip


A friend recently asked me, “What does it take for someone to be creative?”

This is a fair question.  After all, we live in a society that craves creativity (or at least the idea of creativity).  Pintrest, design blogs, etc all point us toward a life that can look crafty, homemade, yet chic.  My last post was on boredom.

I honestly think one of the greatest assets to creativity is boredom.  Allowing time to be bored gives space for creativity to roost.  If every spare minute is spent trying to amuse ourselves and pass the time then there is no time left for creativity.  Think about it, don’t we sit there on the internet and fawn over those young 20 somethings taking crazy pictures by some random lake or in some random industrial area; or maybe we oogle Pintrest at all of the awesome looking food or bathroom remodels wishing we could be so cool.  Well, get off the internet and do it!

A second key to creativity, in my mind, is the willingness to do.  Seth Godin published a post at the beginning of the year about the Drip.  The basic idea is that everything a writer writes isn’t genius.  The stuff that becomes published and distributed may be, but you have to wade through a pool of mediocrity to find brilliance sometimes.

The Drip is the steady outpouring of your craft whether it be writing, singing, drawing, etc.  We expect the fountains of greatness to burst forth filling our bucket to the brim and we aren’t willing to start until we hear the rumblings.  You may find that you’ll fill the bucket much quicker drip by drip.

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