Simply Live

“Live simply so that others can simply live.”

These words struck me deep as I read them in a blog post recently (yeah, I’m a little behind on my blog reading).

I struggle with materialism just like the author of the original post confesses.  I have a constant wish list of upgrades to be done to our house, a running list of things I would like to buy, and a running list of things I would like to pay off or invest in.  Money can dominate my thoughts for hours on end and, if not held in check, can dominate my life and my actions.

I’ve taken Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” course, but it didn’t resonate deeply with me.  The whole idea of “be smart with your money so you can be a millionaire” bit doesn’t do it for me.  Being a millionaire isn’t a goal of mine (if it was I wouldn’t be in ministry).  I want my life to be about more than how much money I have.*

We aren’t called to give out of what we have left over.  We aren’t called to build up our bank accounts so we can give comfortably.  We are called to give sacrificially whether it be financially, spiritually, temporally, or relationally. (2 Cor. 8:1-4; Luke 21:1-4)  The struggle is in being content and learning that I have more than enough.


Where do you struggle w/ simplicity in your life?


*I know the last 10 minutes of Ramsey’s 8 week course talks about giving, but the majority of the course revolves around the goal of becoming rich.  You can disagree withe me if you want.

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