commissioned.United Methodist.


2 thoughts on “About.

  1. lindsey says:

    i think you are cooler than me. weird. i love you.

  2. Claudio says:

    HI David
    Thanks for the kind words and ressonance to that video in TWOTP. I would like to continue this kind of conversation one of these days. Actually that video was followed by another one called “what is poverty”.. have you seen it? I would love to know your opinion.
    On the issue of rich/poor relationships, I have worked to ask myself ont only what os poverty, but who need to be set free? Who have become slave and have a limited life? The so called poor? Or the rich that instead of be a Homo sapiens, the wise man, or the man who knows, became a homo educatios, someone that need to be educated to adapt to life and, a Homo economicus, that believe that needs ae there to be satisfied and the scarcity of resources will be overcome thru and mediate by money; and a Homo systematicus, a being so dependent on system (water, trasportation, garbage, medicine, political… and all other systems) that like a batery in teh Matrix can`t survive disconnected, and at the end a Homo Miserabilis, someone that is simply dependent, both of govern and of market, not knowing more consum resources and always feeling miserable because have lost his/her autonomy… any way, to read your comments was a special gift this morning. Bless you….

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