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August 19, 2008

Mark your calendars.  The Toadies are realising their much anticipated third studio album, No Deliverance.  Being from North Central Texas and a fan of rock music I have an inborn love of the Toadies.  The Judge has some comments of his own on this inborn love here

They are also touring before the album releases, but unfortunately the show in Fort Worth sold out in 45 minutes.  If that doesn’t speak volumes to how insanely popular they are in this area I don’t know what would.  Would it be far-fetched to say that they are the most loved local band in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?  Not necessarily most popular on a national level, but I would say that as far as local love goes they would win. 

All of that aside.  August 19.  No Deliverance.  The Toadies.

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