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After that last post I got curious and decided to explore and guess who I found.

They call him Zar, but I’m no fool.

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Mid-week Video*

So this is going to be my one reoccuring post topic.  Every Wednesday I will offer, for your viewing pleasure, a video.  Most of them will be humorous in content; some will be shocking; all will be awesome.  Continue reading

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I can’t stop laughing…

Why isn’t it that professional football teams make music videos laced with innuendo?  Try and watch this without laughing.  I’m willing to bet that it is almost impossible.

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Safety First

This is a hilarious safety video from our good friends the Germans.

(ht: Marko)

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Wise Words from Dwight K. Schrute

I know the whole Rich Rodriguez thing is kind of old, but I found this video today that mixes two of the greatest things on earth: football and The Office.

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