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Chuck Norris has nothing on this…

Nokia came out with a special addition phone in China to commemorate Bruce Lee.  They commercials associated with the phone shows Lee doing a couple demonstrations with his nun-chucks (playing ping-pong and lighting matches).  The videos are incredible and a good testament as to the level of training and concentration Lee had back in his day.  Watch for yourself, you won’t be sad you did.

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Math Lessons with Steve Martin

I found this quote on my Starbucks cup earlier this week and thought it appropriate.

If you’ve got a dollar and you spend twenty-nine cents on a loaf of bread, you’ve got seventy-one cents left. But if you’ve got 17 grand and you spend twenty-nine cents on a loaf of bread, you’ve still got seventeen grand.

There’s a math lesson for you.

Oh Steve Martin, you are wise.

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A while back I wrote a post containing a random football fact.  I have since discovered that that fact is wrong.  Whoops.  My bad.

The first 1,000 yards rusher in the NFL was in 1934 in the 3rd season of the NFL.  The player was a rookie running back for the Chicago Bears named Beattie Feathers.  It was his rookie season where he amassed 1,004 yards on a mere 119 carries.  A YPC (yards per carry) average of 8.44 (a record for running backs).  The record for YPC is now held by Michael Vick.  QBs do have an unfair advantage when it comes to YPC stats though because anytime a QB is tackled behind the line of scrimmage it is tallied as a sack and not a rush.

Did you also know that Dallas Cowboys’ rookie running back Felix Jones has a current YPC of 9.04?  While only 5 games into the season, if he continues at his current pace he will finish the season with the record.  Go Cowboys!

Know you know; and knowing is half the battle.

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Youth worker? bored?

So, in my time at the office I stumble across from time to time a combination of resources worth sharing (this is actually the first of such instances).  As a youth worker I find it my duty to create announcement slides that aren’t boring.  My thought process is that if they can laugh at the slide then they will remember what it said (don’t ask where the connection is drawn on this one). 

Today, while creating said slides, I remembered a sight recommended my Marko, president of Youth Specialties.  This site is called Speechable.  It is basically a site where you can add comic book-like speech bubbles to pictures on your computer. 

Now all I was in need of was a good picture or two.  That is where resource number two came in to play.  The beauty of Google is that you can type in what you are looking for and 9 times out of 10 you’ll find what you’re looking for from the get go.  There are also times when you don’t find what you’re looking for, but instead something much much better. 

What I went to Google initially looking for were the “vintage” pictures that seem to have become so popular like this.  What I found was something much better.  Old Pictures.  That’s right.  Old is the place you want to go for some grade A material.  Here are a couple of slides that I put together.  I didn’t take too much time on the wording so stop prejudging me. 

Hopefully you can get as much of a kick out of this as I did.  Enjoy.

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Did you know…

the NFL didn’t see its first 1,000 yard rusher for 15 years after it’s inception in 1932?  Steve Van Buren who played for the Philadelphia Eagles rushed for 1,008 yards and 13 touchdowns that year.  It would take the league two more years to see the next 1,000 yard performance in both Van Buren and Tony Canadeo.

Know you know; and knowing is half the battle.

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How crazy would this be.



Safety First

This is a hilarious safety video from our good friends the Germans.

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Man Crush

What are the rules for a man crush?  Can you have more then one?  Can it be someone that you know? 

Oh well, who cares about the rules.  I have a man crush.  Continue reading

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