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Your thoughts?

I came across this doozie of an article today. 

According to the post good things can only be done by people who are “saved” or “born again”.  The term born again is a literal term.  We are literally rebirthed.  People should stop focusing on fixing “Global Crises”.  The Emergent Church is a cult.  Contemplative/Centering Prayer grew out of the antibiblical roots of monastic Roman Catholocism.

Hmm…what are your thoughts.  I’m really interested to hear them.

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It’s things like this…

…that make me wonder what’s the point.

My good friend and former roommate Kyle had this picture in a recent blog post. 

Comin' atcha Pharisees!

Comin atcha Pharisees!!

The picture cracks me up.  It’s hilarious; everyone can agree on that.  The thing that gets me though is the text at the top of the picture. 

We know that the dinosaurs survived the flood (on Noah’s Ark).  We don’t know if Jesus ever rode them.  He probably did!


I recently watched a documentary entitled Friends of God:A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi.  Here’s the Netflix “At a Glance” preview:

Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi takes a remarkable journey across the heartland to uncover the religious, cultural and political beliefs of evangelical Christians, including Jerry Falwell, Ted Haggard and best-selling author Joel Osteen. Interviewing both leaders and rank-and-file believers and attending events such as a Christian wrestling match, Pelosi reveals a vibrant subculture whose convictions may surprise and possibly bewilder you.

One of the parts of the documentary that really kind made me sick to my stomach featured a conference for children about Creationism over Evolution.  Now, I’m not here to judge one way or the other what your beliefs may be.  It wasn’t even the argument that made me laugh/cry.  It was the basis the people were using for the argument.  Take a look:

What does the existence/extinction of the dinosaurs have to do with the message of Jesus?  Does it matter one way or the other when they died out?  Does it matter at all?  It’s things like this that get to me.

Either way, I guess Jesus was the original DinoRider.

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It’s Official

I, David Brower, no longer expect the Mavs to win another basketball game.

Shame on me for thinking that since we’ve had success for the better part of this millennium that we should still be good after going out and aquiring one of the best (if not the best) pure point guard in the game today. Apparently it doesn’t work like that. I guess it just so happens that when you do make such moves you show some promise in beating teams that a Canadian 7th grade girls basketball team could beat and then lay a complete egg against teams who are actually decent teams – not to mention teams you beat before the trade. I’m not even counting last nights game because we didn’t have Dirk with us, but still, to get beat that bad by a team with one star and a handful of role players is embarrassing. Continue reading

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Mini-mavs Rant

Jason KiddHas anyone else heard the news?  I’m not too sure what to think of this deal.

First let’s look at the deal straight-up team to team

Dallas gets: PG Jason Kidd, and PF Malik Allen

New Jersey gets: PG Devin Harris, G/F Jerry Stackhouse, C DeSagana Diop, G/F Deavon George, G Maurice Ager, $3 million in cash, 2008 1st round pick, 2010 first round pick Continue reading

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