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Crack House Church

Peter Rollins always provides a thought-provoking as well as a culturally provokative word that we need to hear.  How do you approach the church?  For whom does the church exist?  What does it mean to be a part of a church?

Crack House Church

[sorry I could not get the video to embed properly. Following the link will take you to the video]

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Your thoughts?

I came across this doozie of an article today. 

According to the post good things can only be done by people who are “saved” or “born again”.  The term born again is a literal term.  We are literally rebirthed.  People should stop focusing on fixing “Global Crises”.  The Emergent Church is a cult.  Contemplative/Centering Prayer grew out of the antibiblical roots of monastic Roman Catholocism.

Hmm…what are your thoughts.  I’m really interested to hear them.

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Youth worker? bored?

So, in my time at the office I stumble across from time to time a combination of resources worth sharing (this is actually the first of such instances).  As a youth worker I find it my duty to create announcement slides that aren’t boring.  My thought process is that if they can laugh at the slide then they will remember what it said (don’t ask where the connection is drawn on this one). 

Today, while creating said slides, I remembered a sight recommended my Marko, president of Youth Specialties.  This site is called Speechable.  It is basically a site where you can add comic book-like speech bubbles to pictures on your computer. 

Now all I was in need of was a good picture or two.  That is where resource number two came in to play.  The beauty of Google is that you can type in what you are looking for and 9 times out of 10 you’ll find what you’re looking for from the get go.  There are also times when you don’t find what you’re looking for, but instead something much much better. 

What I went to Google initially looking for were the “vintage” pictures that seem to have become so popular like this.  What I found was something much better.  Old Pictures.  That’s right.  Old is the place you want to go for some grade A material.  Here are a couple of slides that I put together.  I didn’t take too much time on the wording so stop prejudging me. 

Hopefully you can get as much of a kick out of this as I did.  Enjoy.

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After that last post I got curious and decided to explore and guess who I found.

They call him Zar, but I’m no fool.

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It’s things like this…

…that make me wonder what’s the point.

My good friend and former roommate Kyle had this picture in a recent blog post. 

Comin' atcha Pharisees!

Comin atcha Pharisees!!

The picture cracks me up.  It’s hilarious; everyone can agree on that.  The thing that gets me though is the text at the top of the picture. 

We know that the dinosaurs survived the flood (on Noah’s Ark).  We don’t know if Jesus ever rode them.  He probably did!


I recently watched a documentary entitled Friends of God:A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi.  Here’s the Netflix “At a Glance” preview:

Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi takes a remarkable journey across the heartland to uncover the religious, cultural and political beliefs of evangelical Christians, including Jerry Falwell, Ted Haggard and best-selling author Joel Osteen. Interviewing both leaders and rank-and-file believers and attending events such as a Christian wrestling match, Pelosi reveals a vibrant subculture whose convictions may surprise and possibly bewilder you.

One of the parts of the documentary that really kind made me sick to my stomach featured a conference for children about Creationism over Evolution.  Now, I’m not here to judge one way or the other what your beliefs may be.  It wasn’t even the argument that made me laugh/cry.  It was the basis the people were using for the argument.  Take a look:

What does the existence/extinction of the dinosaurs have to do with the message of Jesus?  Does it matter one way or the other when they died out?  Does it matter at all?  It’s things like this that get to me.

Either way, I guess Jesus was the original DinoRider.

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Lend me your opinions

One of the many hats I wear as the youth director at FUMC Euless is one of a vending machine manager.  That’s right.  How many TCU grads do you know of that can sport their own vending machine key?  Not many; that’s for sure. 

Anyway, I’ve tried my best to put stuff in the machine that people would actually like and would buy before it expires.  I’ve noticed that certain things sell better than others (people love Welch’s Fruit Snacks).  I’ve tried the healthy route (energy/nutrition bars) and the typical non-healthy traditional route (snickers & potato chips).  It is my observation thus far that people still like the traditional vending machine fare as opposed to the healthy route. 

So, if you wanted to buy something out of a vending machine what would you be most inclined to purchase?  Lend me your suggestions.  I’m due for a Sams’ Trip in the near future and will use what you tell me as an aid in my quest for the world’s best vending machine selection. 

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The Church

I read a post recently from a friend and a guy who’s opinion and theological perspective I hold in high regard.  If you didn’t read it before continuing on the post is about what your dream of the church is.  Here are some of the things that David wrote about the church: Continue reading



Everytime about this year I become super motivated and tell myself that I am going to give up something for Lent.  The story never changes though.  I always seem to make it about two weeks, and then I revert back.  This year I feel that my Lenten offering is relatively cliche and simple, but it is something I feel could reap spiritual and physical rewards Continue reading

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